Friday, November 19, 2010

Swagbucks now has coupons!

Search & Win

I am more excited than I should be over an email I received today. Swagbucks is now offering printable coupons! They seem to be the same coupons offered on and other sites, but you get rewarded for using them. Each coupon you redeem will earn you 10 swagbucks!

If you aren't familiar with Swagbucks, from their website " is the web's premier rewards site. Powered by Prodege LLC, allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day - search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime."

It's completely free, and you earn rewards by doing little things like searching the internet (winning points is random, you never know what searches will win points, or how many you'll get), and watching videos. Many users use as their homepage and do all searches from the site. I recently saw that I could earn up to a couple hundred swagbucks by recycling my phone. I'm due for an upgrade in a few months, you can guess where my phone is going!

And today (and every Friday) is Mega Swag Bucks day, which means you are more likely to win higher points for you searches. I'm saving my points for an giftcard, but there are a lot more prizes that are less "costly."

I am so beyond excited that I can now earn swagbucks from couponing!!!

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